Utilizing The Law of Harmony To Manifest Peace In Our Lives!

Published: 05th June 2008
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The universal law of harmony is one grounded it love and respect for ourselves and each other. It's a principal based around unifying ourselves with everything in the world around us.

There are laws of man which have created imbalance in many of our lives and this has been reflected into the world, and our surroundings and are the cause of dis-harmony with others and that of nature. It's true, we really do move towards our most dominant thoughts, and through self-limiting and fear based thoughts we've collectively manifested imbalances into the world and universe around us.

But the good news is it can be reversed, and as we become more aware, more educated and more in alignment with the law of harmony the world will begin to improve in harmony with our conscious thoughts of peace, love and unity.

The meaning of the word "harmony" can be defined as a state of balance and equality, where separate units of energy work together to form a state of oneness and peace. Therefore if we work consciously to think and then act harmoniously, we'll essentially decrease the conflicts, discord, disharmony and disease in the world, because where there is harmony there is no disharmony.

The only way we can begin rolling the ball of harmony in the world is by thinking and living in harmony with ourselves. It's realizing that absolutely everything responds to love, tenderness and appreciation. To be in harmony with ourselves, we must first love and appreciate who we are, be tender and direct ourselves in kind. While we may not like all the things we manifest, we do need to love them and treat them with respect, because acting otherwise and beating ourselves up over them would be creating a disharmony in our lives.

This in turn creates disharmony in the energy around us and everyone and everything else will be out of harmony also. And it's in times like these that we need to slow down, look, listen and learn from what we're projecting and begin harmony within ourselves to bring balance back.

When we resist our creations we are indeed out of harmony with the world. Because what we manifest from our thought energy, into the realm of material actualization are the outer conditions we need to face to learn and grow. Some of the outer manifestations are not pleasant and it's important to know that these creations aren't here to punish us, but rather we tend to punish ourselves because of them. The lessons to learn from such situations are that in some way we've brought a disharmonious energy into our lives and we ourselves are out of harmony.

Here's a list of areas affected by not being in harmony:

1. Feelings - When these are out of harmony our solar plexus can be affected.

2. Love is affected by working on our heart chakra (around a heart region).

3. Understanding - If we don't understand something it can affect our mind (our third eye Chakra).

So our physical self and circumstance are affected by holding onto our own self-denials, and resistance and lack of recognition. We are who we are and who we are needs no excuses and requires no explanation.

It's quite possible to live in conjunction with the law of harmony, we do it by observing and practicing the universal law of "non-judgment" which then allows us to see more clearly, intuitively and realistically so we can find constructive solutions to our lessons in life.

We just have to cease seeing our creations as being wrong or as some form of punishment that is sent to us, and rather as what they are, a neutral energy that has manifested itself due to our existing thought patterns. The reason why we resist and deny such manifestations in our lives is because we don't want to see our deepest fears or thoughts to manifest into reality, so we bury our heads in the sand when they do and pass them off as "there's nothing I could do about that."

If we could apply our own harmony into other peoples worlds, in the form of applying a balanced, loving and non-judgemental expression toward other peoples creation of their world, instead of intensifying their imbalance through pity, sympathy and empathy, then we have a far better chance of balancing the world. If however we accept the sometimes imbalanced actions of others into our world, we'll only intensify their actions into your own world. So in essence our own harmony need to be balance first and foremost, then and only then can we begin to manifest miracles of healing, teaching and showing others how to be more balanced and harmonious in their own lives.

Once you rejoin the one spirit, energy or God force that we are all part of and not try to separate yourself from that, harmony will live within you more and you'll then attract and ignite harmony in the hearts of others, it all begins inside of you first.


Adam Price is an online holistic author & coach on the laws of the universe for life & business. Learn how tap into the powerful laws of the universe in your life by visiting:

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